Highfields – Meadow Walks

In addition to over 100 acres of woodlands, we also have many acres of beautiful grassland meadows  near to our Lodges for sale for our customers to enjoy and explore, which also offer stunning views out to the surrounding Lincolnshire countryside.

We have mown miles of attractive paths through the grassland meadows for you to walk along and often the wildlife can be right in front of you, whether it be butterflies floating from flower to flower around your knees, pheasants nesting in the grass or Sky Larks and Swallows sailing elegantly up above – and we’d best not forget to mention the large herd of wild fallow deer that can be seen almost daily, either grazing or resting in amongst the grass. Later in the day, or by evening, the meadows turn into a rich hunting ground for Barn Owls and Kestrels which are a delight to watch.



Highfields – Meadow Nature Reserve

The meadows are perfect for walking the dog/s, and there are also a number of benches set around in the event you need to take a minute during a long walk for a rest, or simply wish to sit out in the sunshine in the countryside with a good book.

The beautiful Highfields Oak tree stands majestically on the highest point of the meadows and is estimated to be around 100 years old. The Oak tree has the richest wildlife fauna of any tree in Britain. Over 280 different insects and 300 species of lichen alone rely on the Oak and a wealth of birds and animals visit the Oak to feed upon them in turn. You will often see our herds of wild Deer congregating below its crown and a Barn Owl, which nests in the box we have installed.