Short Eared Owl Spotted

Our thanks go to our customers Mr & Mrs Speight who have reported their sighting of a Short Eared Owl in Spanby Wood at Highfields Retreat.

Unlike many other owls, short-eared owls can frequently be seen hunting in broad daylight and they are skilled predators with keen vision even in low light. They will feed on small mammals in the meadows and grassland, especially field voles. Short Eared Owls also have impressive aerial agility :- to attract a mate the males perform dramatic sky-dancing displays accompanied by wing clapping to alert females of their presence.

Short Eared Owls are resident to Lincolnshire all year round and unlike other owls will nest on the ground, making their nest vulnerable to other mammals.

If you see any wildlife of interest whilst at Highfields Retreat, please let us know, and we will post it here for everyone to enjoy.


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